NOTICE: Registration for the workshops are held exclusively at the
IPCA GameDev Week check-in desk.

This workshop will be a pack of the core and cool basis foundations of Nuke to give you a blasting beginning in the art and tech of digital compositing.
We will take off from the VFX Pipelines, basic Nuke interface, and show some principles of compositing and then presenting the core main tasks of a compositor such as keying, master rotoscope, channels, tracking, grain, removals, rendering, formats and finishing with the rules of a professional showreel.
Number of participants: 20
Duration: 2h30
Materials needed: Laptop with a NUKE X (Commercial, Student or Trial version ) pre-installed
(you can download the trial here: )
Optional: Wacom tablet
In this workshop, I will share with students universal principles for creating compelling characters for games / films / animation / books / illustration followed-up by a practical exercise.
Number of participants: 20
Duration: 2h
Materials needed: Participants can use any software and device (pc, laptop, mobile phone or tablet) or pencil and paper/sketchbook. In this case, we need pencils, erasers, and plenty of paper to draw on.
The main focus of this workshop is to show different approaches to creating pixel art for videogames.
We will discuss methods, tools, and tricks for streamlining the process for creating sprites.
Working on base images, we will focus on each technique and method in isolation.
Number of participants: 30
Duration: 2h
Materials needed: Personal computer with a bitmap editor capable of single pixel drawing (e.g. Photoshop, Aseprite, Gimp).
Optional: Wacom tablet
In this workshop, we will go through unexpected exercises that invoke experimentation and creativity in the character design process for animation. We’ll explore new ways of representation and we’ll defy conventions by working from random lines and abstract shapes, that transform into new characters with unique personalities and traits.
Number of participants: 20
Materials needed: scribing materials (pencils, crayons, markers, etc.), different papers (newspaper, magazines, paper of various colors, etc.), scissors and a glue stick.
This workshop aims to introduce the texturing of 3D assets (objects, characters, etc.) in Adobe Substance Painter.
Number of participants: 20
Materials needed: Personal computer with Adobe Substance Painter software installed.